Kebijakan Pengiriman

1. Customers can place orders first

2. Fish will be sent after the customer makes a payment

3. The delivery schedule will adjust to the existing transshipper schedule

4. So far the mortality rate of the fish we ship is minimal, more than 90% of the fish we send to the customer safely arrive at their destination. If a fish dies when it is received, the fish will be replaced on the next shipment, provided that the customer needs to handle the transshipment costs in their own country

5. If there are doubts about making a transaction or payment to us, the customer can ask the transshipper for help to check with us and deposit payment with the transshipper. Then the transshipper will make payments to us after the fish arrives.

6. If the customer has never imported fish, we will be happy to explain it in detail.

Thank you for your attention

Kebijakan Pengembalian Dana

If the customer has made a payment via paypal or bank but canceled the order before the fish was sent, your funds will be deducted for the administration charged by paypal or bank, So are expected to understand that if you do a refund your money will not be intact, it will be deducted for paypal or bank fees.

Kebijakan Pembatalan/Pengembalian/Penukaran Produk

Notes :

1. If you want to place an order, please think about it beforehand, you cannot cancel the order if we have sent the fish to the transshipper.

2. You cannot return fish that have arrived for several reasons, therefore asking about the species and care of the fish is very important.We will also explain the specifications of the fish before you buy it.

3. Fish exchange can be done before the fish is shipped, fish can be exchanged for other types provided that the price of the fish is the same. You can exchange fish for more expensive or cheaper ones, provided that if it's more expensive you can add your payment. If it's cheaper, you can choose some fish according to the price of the fish you previously selected.

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