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Indonesia is top 5th biggest in the world for exports of  ornamental fish.

      More than fresh waters are inhabited by 1,248 types of fish, 243 of which are endemic species and 122 species of ornamental shrimp, while in Indonesian marine waters there are around 3,476 types of fish.

Minaqu was established since 2017 with company nameMina Akuatik Nusantara, and our first export of lifetropical fish was to Philipines  , it was the neocaridina shrimp and collaborative with Indonesia seller to arrange sulawesi shrimp shipment to Korea. 

Over the years, we have expanded to export and distribution of wide varieties of ornamental fish (freshwater, marine fish, shrimp ) to USA, UK, Europe , Asian, African and other countries.                                           The experience has made us improve our farm with quaratine certificate, good qualitycontrol and good price to give customer total satisfaction.

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